Hey, I’m David Molina, entrepreneur, former Army Captain, and father of Maya, Paloma and Citlali, ages 14, 12 and 12.

Currently, I’m focused on scaling Molinas, a federal contracting company, helping a friend with his government compliance firm, and paying it forward on the Oregon State University (OSU) Alumni Association.

Previously, I served on the board of directors at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, LatinoBuilt, and a few years ago founded and led Operation Code, an open source project turned veterans 501c(3) nonprofit focused on expanding the New GI Bill to include code schools. In the 2018 Oregon election cycle I ran for the state legislature to represent Forest Grove, Cornelius and West Hillsboro, but came up short in the general election against an entrenched incumbent. Between 2000 to 2013 I served in uniform, enlisted and officer, exiting Dover Air Force Base as an Army Captain. I started my career as a farmworker, the son of Mexican immigrants.


  • Physical. Walk, jog, hike or run– but moving at least daily. I enjoy lifting and racquetball w/ my girls.
  • Nutrition. I fast from early night to mid-morning only consuming raw garlic, lemon tea and black coffee. Eggs, protein and vegetables are my go to start the day and enjoy salads, protein and avocado in the afternoons. Throughout I take in fruit and seeds/ nuts. I consume a healthy dose of Belage/ Kronuit with filtered water. Dr. Labrada and Dr. Fernandez are two good doctors to follow.
  • Business. Creating a company that is scaleable, repeatable, and profitable.
  • Podcasts. I’m currently listening to The Momentum Lab and the Order of Man. Reading wise, I use Libby, and something I enjoy the hardcopy.
  • Music. When not listening to the latest podcast episode, I listen to a wide range of music, ranging from corridos to deep house, and from rap to classical and rock depending on the task at hand. Each has a way of teaching us lessons. Many times I prefer it quiet or playing sports in the background.
  • Reading. I’m currently reading and trying to get through Ray Dalio’s books, and love reading Dwell and architecture. I also enjoy reading poems. Mary Oliver is a good one.
  • Family. I enjoy spending intentional time w/ my three girls, playing chess, teaching them everything I know, and exploring new places to make memories. Favorite past time: grilling whatever is in season.
  • Writing. I enjoy blogging in markdown and using iTerm to push my thoughts up to GitHub and onto the net. I started first with WordPress, Tumblr, Posterous, then Medium, and now I just use Jekyll, a static site generator, exclusively using Netlify to host.

This /now page was inspired by Derek Sivers and his /now project.

This update was last made June 28, 2023.