Hey, I’m David Molina. I live in Portland, Oregon, the city hanging on by a thread to survive. Our girls, Paloma, Citlali, and Maya are 11, 11, and 13.

Currently, I’m focused on scaling a construction company from the ground up at Molinas Construction Company and paying it forward on several boards, including [OSU Alumni Association, and the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Previously, I served on the LatinoBuilt board, founded and led Operation Code, an open source project turned national/ international veterans 501c(3) nonprofit focused on helping members of the military community and their families learn to code and join the tech ecosystem with over 9,000 numbering on Slack. In the 2018 Oregon election cycle I ran for the state legislature to represent Forest Grove, Cornelius and West Hillsboro, but came up short in the general election against an entrenched incumbent. Between 2000 to 2013 I served in uniform, enlisted and officer, exiting Dover Air Force Base as an Army Captain to turn my attention to entrepreneurship full time.


  • Physical. Walk, jog, hike or run– but moving at least daily.
  • Fuel. I start my morning’s with raw garlic, B-12, Zinc, lemon tea, migrate to straight black coffee by day, and Belage/ Kronuit throughout and evening. I love celery, vampiros (vampires), green juices from Medical Medium recipes.
  • Work. I run a federal and commercial contracting company and throughout my days rotate between strategy, operations and tactics, ranging from branding to recruiting/ retaining the best and brightest to ensuring there is enough money in the bank and coaching our management team to scale further faster.
  • Podcasts. I’m currently listening to the Momentum Lab, the Persuasion Lab, Dirt Talk, and Watchdog on Wall Street. Each ranges in discipline, but like reading or music, they have a way of getting me in a certain mood to get certain tasks done.
  • Reading. I’m currently reading Ray Dalio’s books, and enjoy the following blogs: AndyGram, AVC, and Andrew Chen.
  • Family. I enjoy spending unannounced, unplanned time w/ my three girls, playing chess and exploring new places to make memories. Favorite past time: grilling whatever is fresh.
  • Writing. I enjoy blogging in markdown and using the command line to push my work up to GitHub and onto the net. I started first with Tumblr, then Posterous, then Medium, and now I just use Jekyll, a static site generator, exclusively, and using Netlify to host. At some point, I’m going to write something longer.

This /now page was inspired by Derek Sivers and his /now project.

This update was last made February 10, 2022 in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.