When one of my twins, Citlali, mentioned this afternoon she wanted to learn how to invest, alongside Crunchbase, Morningstar and Robinhood, I thought about Bloom.

Bloom is an app that aims to teach teens and young adults how to invest in the stock market and grow their wealth.

Bloom offers over 200 interactive financial lessons, a real investing account, and various rewards and games to make learning and investing fun and engaging.

The onboarding process took sometime but after the install, approval process from both sides, and several emails with customer support Citlali will begin the week well into the race.

I’ve enjoyed watching my kids grow up with technology and gamification apps that make it fun to learn new skills and new languages. I look forward to learning alongside my youngest, trials and tribulations and update soon.

David Molina is an American entrepreneur, founder, and blogger. A son of Mexican immigrants, a former farm worker and high school drop-out, he went on to be the first in his family to attend and graduate from a university and earn an Officer Commission in Infantry. Molina has been a founder, co-founder and launched a wide range of companies and organizations including a veterans nonprofit, featured in multiple news outlets including The Bend Bulletin, Portland Business Journal, Univision KUNP-TV, Humans of Tech, and The Seattle Times.