Operation Code Interviews with Vets in Tech - David Molina, former U.S. Army Captain

Today, I was interviewed on the Operation Code podcast by former Googler and podcast host, Bob Purvy. The Operation Code podcast was his brainchild and he brought it to life and we’re all so thrilled he volunteers his time to coordinate, schedule, interview, edit then deploy it onto the web.

It was a real treat discussing how operationcode.org started, meeting Navy veteran Nick Frost at a hackathon, learning open source through Calagator, why the Department of Veterans Affairs needs to be updated to the 21st century, why Veterans would make incredible software engineers, why LinkedIn is 1% right for software engineers, why GitHub is key for learning to code, why Department of Defense transition programs for exiting active duty might be useless and needs updating, and why we created a veterans service organization for the 21st century.

The interview runs a little under 20-minutes. Hope you enjoy and look forward to your thoughts and feedback.

Check out the Operation Code podcast here.