Anyone who’s ever tried blogging knows what a pain it is to write and publish their work, and own their work.

A few years ago I blogged my journey while in the reserves and on active-duty using Posterous and Tumblr. When Posterous was acquired by Twitter I stopped all-together. Worst I thought I had lost all my original content. Posterous was a way to blog from your computer or publish by email and every one of my subscribers received my blog in their email. It was a great blogging tool.

So on my Amtrak trip to SignalConf one-day I shared my problem with friend, Earl Balai, and he was quick to suggest I pull in my blogs from the Internet Archive. Once inside and in-between Operation Code, the business, family and friends, over the last year been slowly pulling all my work over here and adding /about, /connecting, /events, /press, and /résumé.

There was no easy way of pulling it in, so I went through the arduous ritual of copying and pasting my work into here.

I absolutely love the ability to write in markdown using Atom, utilizing the command line, leveraging Jekyll, and committing my work to GitHub. Every time I commit some code, I learn something new.

The migration is now complete. Feels good to be under one roof.

I appreciate Earl’s advice on that train and turning me onto the Internet Archive.

I appreciate Parker Moore’s work on Jekyll.