In a world where teams work remotely, in a decentralized operating environment, where you have to trust in your team to get things done ensuring others on the team can gain access to key digital assets, leveraging a password app is key. Literally.

These last two years one of my ruby mentors, Chris Hough, an all-around awesome guy and our lead Ruby on Rails developer for the BilingualHire app recommended we used 1Password into our operational workflow. 1Password is an application that stores important credentials, including usernames, passwords, websites, backup codes, and enables the administrators to encrypt these passwords and share them with members of the team.

More recently, the Operation Code operations team needed access to Twitter, Google apps, etc. We integrated 1Password into the workflow as well. Over the last month we’ve spent some time integrating 1Password into our workflow allowing the operations team to gain access to Operation Code assets.

Today, at the airport I got on a quick Screenhero (right before my flight to SF) with Operation Code board member, Fernando Paredes, to close the loop on a final piece–the administrative component and 2FA.

If you find yourself needing to share passwords to digital assets in a controlled environment, check out 1Password. If you’re on a Mac, do use the Safari extension. And, remember command+option+\ for your 1Password shortcut.

Happy password sharing and getting more done.