Over the weekend, I took our daughters to Henry Hagg Lake to hike and get away from our computers. During our visit we saw the road cracked in so many ways and my daughters began asking why no one cared. While I believe ODOT cares, I think there’s other elements at play here. Hence this post.

You see, many people are afraid to venture on their own, launch a startup, or apply for that one dream job. When starting out everyone is afraid of sharing their idea, their startup with others for fear of them stealing it, or stealing their dream job. It’s most prevalent in the Mexicano community, “no le digas a nadien tus planes.” From my vantage point, you have most to fear not from telling people, but from not telling enough people. From people not caring. That’s what you are most up against.

When Rosa, Edith and myself co-founded RED Consulting Group, LLP, many adults twice our age told us point blank to our face, “aren’t you too young to be consultants?” Let that sink in for a second.

When I was on the Governor’s Commission on Hispanic Affairs, it was hard to hear from others that, “Hispanics will never attend a town hall.” Let that sink in.

Most recently, on a visit to a foundation to pitch Operation Code, I got back, “we don’t fund organizations that don’t have a proven model.” Let that sink in.

A recent college grad, confessed to me that she didn’t feel ready for that political job and needed a few more years. This person has degrees, passion and experience just as much as anyone working at the Capitol. I know, I worked there in 2009 as a Committee Administrator of the House Committee on Veterans & Emergency Services.

I’m only aware of one way to overcoming others not caring. That is, believe in yourself, trust your gut, and think through all the possibilities.