I had a huge and pivotal morning meeting in downtown, Portland. Literally. The meeting was about something that doesn’t exist, that will exist, and the documents that must be created to support it’s existence.

Got more done today than yesterday. Mostly because I wasn’t on Facebook. At all. It’s a bummer because I really enjoy conversing with family and friends. It’s different than Twitter or Instagram, but the fact is not being on Facebook allows me to get more done. Weird right?

Then there’s full descriptive biographies. Now raise your hand if you know me or Edith really well? You see the point of descriptive biographies is to help others get a real sense of who you are, what you’re about, what drives you and maybe, just maybe where you might be going. In essence, I think people love to read. Many of us do at least. And, when we connect with someone through their bio, we get to know them better. Plus the internet is a wonderful thing.

This evening I helped my better half craft her full bio. Mostly because she’s no longer looking for employment, but rather building a business. It was long overdue. Another reason is that we’re asked repeatedly for her bio for giving a talk and I swear we keep recreating them, re-PDF’ing them, and it pains me because it violates the Do Not Repeat Yourself principal. So now her full descriptive bio is on her company’s website with the appropriate URL of course. So whenever I’m asked about her, I will simply point to this link.

So again if your bio is not out there, write it. You never know when someone needs it. Oh, and if you’re trying to connect with me on LinkedIn you won’t. I long deleted it. December 31, 2014 to be exact.