Portland is warming up fast. 72 here today.

This morning on the way to work we saw a drone flying over the Forest Grove fields. I was driving so I couldn’t tweet it. It was a pretty good size, small airplane-type, and led to a conversation with my wife, Edith, about good uses, from military operations to photographers and business uses. Out here, I immediately thought investors might be plotting growth.

Some emails later, I checked in on our Operation Code 501(c)(3) exempt application to the IRS. I was told I’d be waiting up to 180-days for a response, an approval or rejection. The IRS agent couldn’t say more than that. I was amazed how her systems didn’t give her real-time feed on who we were, Tweets, blogs, press coverage, leadership bios, etc. I was surprised, but not. Bureaucracy and red-tape at its finest. Welcome to the 21st century, right? However, crossing fingers that the United States Digital Service and/or Palantir hook up with the IRS and help make American lives better.

Tried to submit an grant inquiry to the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, but our EIN number failed. Not sure if it’s their system, we need an intro, or it’s my Safari browser. I put a note in and hope to hear back.

Got a call from Apple checking in our recent purchase. Yesterday, retired Sgt. First Class George Everts and I walked down to the Apple store and secured a MacBook Air and iPad mini 4. He’s our incoming School Outreach Specialist (SOS) and will be helping on-board more code schools to accept the New GI Bill while conducting briefings at TAPs across the western United States.

As always, love to hear from you over on Twitter. To warmer days.