This week was a mad rush. What week isn’t, right?

First, my SSH keys failed when pushing code up for a friend’s site. I built the site using Jekyll, hosted on BitBucket and Aerobatic (previously I used Netlify). Thankfully I hacked through the problem with another developer and Operation Code mentor, Rick Rein. Bottomline, multiple user identities. I had to split and secure the two lines of secure communication to deploy the site–as, well as my wife’s site. To seamlessly do this, I gave myself permission to deploy through the admin interface, created another key, added that key to BitBucket. Now both my friend and wife get emails when their sites are updated. When their request is made, and the site is updated, they’ll individually know because of this email alert.

Second, another advance was expanding the Operation Code leadership team. This time last week a Veteran named Conrad Holloman reached out on Slack. We did a conference call and by weekend’s end he had taken my Note to the board, intermittent task notes, et and put them into Trello so that all of us on the board of directors, leadership team have better situational awareness. While Slack is useful and helpful in getting Veterans connected, sharing code and supporting each other with transitioning to software and web development careers it hasn’t been very useful for the board and volunteers. The hope is this Battle Rhythm on Trello will provide for better scaling a coding nonprofit with more speed and accuracy.

Speaking of scaling and growing, my old Army noncommissioned officer and retired Sergeant First Class, George Everts, visited Portland today. We continued to hash out the organizational structure, got email setup and he introduced me to one of his old G-3’s, a Colonel, who was very interested in what we’re building with Operation Code to support transitioning military. George is volunteering and will start helping with code school and military base outreach.

Lastly, Rick got an Operaton Code Meetup setup tonight. Don’t worry, just like Operation Code you won’t be mandated to move to Reston, Virginia. Just join the meetup group, RSVP for the meetups and have an internet connection.

So very thrilled on understanding (better) SSH keys, using Trello and new waive of Veterans serving Operation Code.

As always, love to hear from you over on Twitter.