This past year will go down personally as one of the most nurturing, rewarding and educational years.

  • Our little family continued to grow.
  • We conducted a few cross-country road trips, took a few Space-A military hops and became closer in the midst.
  • It has also been a noble, humbling, and incredible second year serving in uniform at our nation’s sacred ground at Dover Air Force Base.
  • And, as some of you know it will also be my last. There is, however, an extraordinary team of Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, civilians, and contractors to continue the mission until the Afghanistan war ends in 2014.
  • Personally fulfilling, it was also the year of hacking and learning code.
  • I launched DoverCoders in partnership w/ a fellow programmer, Lawrence Wehle.
  • Attended my first AngelHack Hackathon.
  • Trained and hacked at several Meetups (Baltimore) and for the first time successfully pushed to GitHub and Heroku for storing and production.
  • I couldn’t be more excited about learning and contributing to this craft.

Looking forward to returning to Portland and continuing to build BilingualHire, grow a family, and contribute to our community.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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David Molina is an American entrepreneur, founder, and blogger. A son of Mexican immigrants, a former farm worker and high school drop-out, he went on to be the first in his family to attend and graduate from a university and earn an Officer Commission in Infantry. As the S/2-3 OIC, Capt. Molina is serving a 24-month tour of duty at Dover AFB, Delaware at the Joint Personal Effects Depot, Casualty and Mortuary Affairs Operations Center, U.S. Army Human Resources Command.