I just returned from 3 nights, 4 days in New York City for my first Hackathon. While I didn’t join any of the teams (I came out as a volunteer) I did get my first glimpse into this world that builds teams and internet startups from the ground up in 24-hours in the most fascinating process. The event was called AngelHack and the event hosted four total in four cities across the United States on this very same weekend.

Started. cc @angelhack #nyc


What all started w/ reading Lisa Williams post quickly turned into attending this event. Unfortunately by the time I sought to register there were no longer open seats and so I was put on the wait list. An email about the wait list from Gregory soon turned into correspondence and when he asked for volunteers I jumped at the opportunity. All this past week. After going to my first Delaware Tech Meetup I was on my way to Manhattan to meet w/ Nick, another co-founder.

The next few posts are my experiences and thoughts.

The Twitter #hashtag used was #angelhackny.

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