Earlier today, the reality of moving to Delaware became ever so real when Mike & Steve pulled up at our Portland home on the corner of 52nd & Everett. Just as they had arrived to carefully organize our personal belongings like a puzzle onto their truck & take off, the entire process could not have run more smoother. Arriving early in the morning from their previous pickup in Seattle the gentlemen in the middle Mike who owns his truck and is an independent contractor for NorthAmerican VanLines, and his trustee Steve shared the duty. Upon arriving we assessed the house, reviewed the paperwork completed by our packers, Brian & Tim, from yesterday, and without further ado they were off. Steve brought everything out onto Everett Street near the truck ramp. Mike carefully organized our furniture, marked boxes, stacked them high, and secured them in place. In total there would be six seperate families belongings on board separated by floors & sections. Making it look easy, they still had another stop to go before getting on the road out east.

In the military, we’re accustomed to coming & going, be it orders to serve overseas or in country, temporary duty (TDY) for school or training, unit transfers or permanent change of station (PCS) where entire families are moved from their communities. Its gentlemen like Mike & Steve that dedicate their careers to moving entire military families, and who spend the majority of their time on the road picking up and dropping off households all across America in order for us to serve. They had just arrived off I- 5 and I-84 in time to run to the local Starbucks at QFC and grab them a cup of joe and some pastries. It was the least I could do. We’re the Pacific Northwest.

In between, Mike talked to his wife in Pennsylvania and I got to thank her for letting us borrow Mike for the move. Please also remember to keep Mike, Steve & every truck driver, and their families who also sacrifice for the mission in your thoughts & prayers as well. One team. One fight.

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