As a dad of three young daughters under 3 this is affordable. As a business owner this is doable. The importance of safety net clinics is evident. As a small business owner, we too would love to offer our employees awesome health care but have you seen the prices? They are through the roof and I’m hardpressed how to make it happen as its the right thing to do (disclaimer: I’m a Veteran and my healthcare is covered 100% through the VA system). I’m inspired by Dave Chase’s Rx to Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber. Chase recently wrote a follow up piece in SiliconFlorist. Our M.D. Governor has been a leader in this field so I’m interested as we all are what Executive Orders and/or private-public initiatives will be installed to make it affordable for small businesses and startups to provide awesome and doable healthcare to their employees and make the process as seamless as launching a Posterous account.

When that happens, sign BilingualHire up.

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