Who knew the need for bilingual (Spanish/English) temporary staff was high in demand? In late November either everyone was on Thanksgiving-Christmas-Holiday mode or were telling us, “hold off a bit, we got some need in the new year.” January 2011 kicked off and we started placing BilingualHire Associates out in the field and doing payroll. First e-newsletter of the decade and we were slammed with resumes and temp hiring-interest far and wide. This is all great news. Hence, the post title.

What are we hiring for? General Manager


  1. Business development, and strategic partnerships
  2. Mentor/coach BilingualHire Associates

Does this have your name all over it? Phenomenal. Send over your details to: david@bilingualhire.co w/ the following questions answered:

  1. What 3 things you’d do as General Manager everyday

  2. Which 3 clients should be in our long-term portfolio

  3. How would you approach mentoring/coaching our BilingualHire Associates

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