Since 8/27, Edith and I haven’t taken the trek up north to Mount Vernon, Washington. Our twins, Paloma & Citlali, were preemies and too small to travel. Nearly two months later we did and my mom, brothers and sisters were able to spend precious moments with them. We are so happy we did. To see family hug and hold the little ones brings us back to what is important in life, to see Maya read to her older cousins and for the aunts and uncles to meet the twins is an incredible and fulfilling feeling as parents. While I missed a ton due to Battle Assembly (Military Drill Weekend) at Joint Base Lewis-McChord it was nice to see the photos on the digital camera and video on the Flip. These two provide a glimpse of the moments in time when our kids are a little older. We’ll use Facebook mostly and some will go in Flickr.

These are moments that can never be taken back. These are moments that will go by super fast and its important to cherish those moments.

I’m hoping as the little ones get older they’ll love to travel as much as Edith and I do not just to visit family, but to do family oriented trips to faraway places. That, and we desperately have outgrown this SUV.

Van maybe? Rooftop cargo carrier?

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