As many of you already know 49 days ago, Edith and I were blessed w/ Paloma & Citlali, twins. At that time we thought, or at least I did that I could continue at the same rate/trajectory that I had long been used to. That is volunteer boards, commissions, advisory groups, task forces, speaker, even guest-blogging etc, but I seriously miscalculated. Edith long ago took an, “until time permits” sabbatical from Radio Tonalli and everything else as she actually read, “Having Twins: What You Need to Know” and took better notes during our doctors visits at Portland Providence. That and we love spending time w/ our newborns and Maya who’s in her terrible twos. Those are moments that are worth every chance.

That said, I submitted my resignations to the following boards, effective this past Monday:

  • Oregon Commission on Hispanic Affairs
  • Oregon State University (OSU) Presidents’ Board of Visitors
  • OSU Chicano/Latino Alumni Board

The mission of these groups, which I love and treasure continue, and this opening offers an opportunity if you have ample time, energy and focus to join and lead. The groups are on the internets and can be Google’d, Bing’ed etc. If you need assistance, drop me a note.

PS: If we don’t respond to your specific emails, voice mails etc in a timely fashion as we’ve long been accustomed to its because we are in over our head.

PSS: At this time, please relay your call for help/volunteerism, etc elsewhere.

Thanks for your attention.