Choosing our babies names has been challenging over the past few months. As you may be fully aware Edith and I have been blessed with identical twin girls and they will be welcomed for the first time in just a few weeks. Some say this is a very private family decision and that parents should decide first and foremost. In some countries its the dad that determines this, in others the grandparents. In Latin America often the child’s last names include both their maternal and paternal parents last names hyphenated or non-hyphenated. Given our web culture, I reached out to friends on Twitter and Facebook) and here’s some names that were suggested: Victoria, Liberty, Marazul, Lucia Flor, Xiomara, Katie (short for Kathryn), anything that starts with the letter “m”, Maslyn, Reese, Rogue, Livvie, Jada, Nalleli, Adela y Guadalupe (Adelita y Lupita for short), Malai, Maslen, Luna y Meztli, Dulce, Zitlaly & Cently, Luna y Sol, Cakina de Nacimiento, Sol y Solar, Bella y Morelia.

These are all beautiful names and we wanted to share them. Thanks all for your kind suggestions, we’ll keep you posted!

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