Yesterday, Edith and I were witnesses to the matrimony of Dario & Karla Vergara. What was incredible was the amount of photos and video that were taken with everything from BlackBerry’s to iPhones and clunky equipment (professional hires). I made the choice to send photos taken to Twitpic and video to 12Seconds, and I almost sent some to Flickr. Everyone with a Smartphone and internet connection did or just saved it for later viewing.

But what if there was a way to synchronize, on the fly, all that content taken specific to Dario & Karla’s wedding, from photos to video, so that they have memories of their wedding from their guests point of view/angle for later viewing (or on the spot viewing). For instance the Molina Family is having a huge celebration and the family wants to access all the content that all our guests have taken without delay. Certainly our friends could tag us and shoot us an email afterwards, but it would be convenient, for family and friends who couldn’t make it to share in the moment and even then not all guests might be connected on the various social media platforms.

Is anyone aware of such service in use today? I’d love to use it.

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