Last night, I hung out w/ family & friends at Izzy & Blanca Quiroz’s (brother-in-law) The Dalles home in their backyard. As many of you know Edith’s family are from here and have been since the mid-80s. During the evening we wanted to listen to music but didn’t want to disconnect the cumbersome stereo equipment, and bring tables outside near our bonfire so I pulled out my trusted BlackBerry and started my Pandora Radio app, but it wasn’t loud (maybe just a little). Izzy pulled out his small portable Boston speakers and we looked for a way to connect them to my Berry, and we did. Both Izzy & Gabe also downloaded the free app and we began switching our smartphones in/out from the portable speakers so that we could make/receive phone calls, text, and make updates to our social networks. Via Pandora Radio, we listened to everything from Ramon Ayala to Cumbias and Rock En Español. Aside from the minimal commercials on Pandora, it provided us the most simple, diverse and equally beautiful way of accessing our favorite music, all from the comfort of our smartphones. Take your pick. We started w/ the BlackBerry and ended our bonfire on the iPhone. Adios DVD players. For Ever.

Now we can’t wait until Pandora Radio fully becomes universal in all our vehicles.

Cheers from The Dalles, Oregon, David

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