This morning I had the pleasure of running into Western Oregon University student, Orlando Lopez, at Woodburn’s City Hall on my way out from a briefing. Always great to meetup w/ folks offline sorry Twitter/Facebook. I first met Lopez at Portland State University at the request of the MEChA Region to share my thoughts & insights on the forming of the Washington/Oregon region. He and fellow NMCC (National MEChA Coordinating Council) for the region, Kata Cervantes, would later invite me to one of their Regional meetings to share a draft resolution I was proposing in support of MEChA on behalf of the Commission on Hispanic Affairs. Lopez and Cervantes are everything you’d want, and expect from our youth: engaged citizens, compassionate and caring for the underserved, bright, and hopeful in the future. MEChA taught me about these values. Lopez, like many of our youth, exemplify this passion and works tooth-and-nail to execute that vision. He was sharing his latest academic accomplishments, and upcoming actions throughout Oregon. I’m extremely proud of him and the work these students carry out on a daily basis.

Favor: next time you see student leaders, praise them not just through words, but through action & deeds. College is tough enough. Let’s financially support them, one step towards preparing one Orlando Lopez at a time.

Good to see you Orlando!

Preparing One Orlando Lopez at a Time

Saludos from the City of Woodburn, David

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