Over the past five months, my focus has been on our little family’s impending growth (we’re expecting twins), and over the past 60 days, I had to deal w/ a major monkey wrench that got thrown into our lap. I once heard from a former boss that “talk is cheap until you hire a lawyer.” And, so I did. And, we won. Last week, we picked up a check. A pretty awesome feeling despite the other sides denial of wrongdoing, and their law firms demand letters. The deal made us recognize how intimidating it can be speaking up for your own health and living situation in the face of aggressive property managers, lawyers and naysayers that nothing can be done. Well it can.

So now we are in our new place in the City of Portland, finally settled, and the “nest is being built.” Over the next 60 days I’ll be focused on providing for the family like I’ve never done before. From cooking and cleaning to entertaining our little one to reading books on expecting twins. It’s intense.

Just wanted to quickly bring you up to speed so you know where I’m at, and that I haven’t forgot about you. See you on the inter webs.

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