“Wow. Unbelievable. What did the last tenants do, smoke in this closet 24/7” was this mornings newest comment from a neighbor walking by. Yesterday, the Chair of the Oregon Commission on Hispanic Affairs (disclaimer: I serve on the commission), Mr Jose Ibarra, noted the stench, and raw smell coming out of all the rooms as well, in particularly the closets. He came out to help me get our love sofa, couches , mattresses and dresser out. “What did they do, smoke a pack a day in here?” he stated. A colleague, Ms Villanueva, came over last night to help move my home office and family pictures, noted the obvious, “overwhelming nasty smell. Yellow stains everywhere, wow. I’m so happy you are moving your expecting wife and 20-month old out of here. I’m so sorry I had no idea.” Toxic. Yes. Third hand smoking environment. You bet. I bet you wouldn’t put your cat or dog in this house or closet for one night. I overheard yesterday and today, “that smell burns your throat, que no?” The property manager stated, “I don’t smell anything. Nothing. I’d be happy here. You’d be hard-pressed to get any health official or anyone to come in here and say otherwise. This is NOT smoke damaged. You and Edith just want to get out of the 12-month lease.” Really? I responded, “Ma’am, with all due respect, you don’t smell that odor, stench from my dress blues, business suits or my wife’s maternity clothes?” I asked. No answer.

A colleague w/ BOLI emailed, “I am sorry that your family is having to deal with this issue. I wish your family the best in reaching a resolution.”

As a dad I have a responsibility to my twins Paloma & Gaviota, Maya, and Edith. Their health is my prerogative. As an engaged citizen and blogger, I have a responsibility to speak up. But as a dad, its my responsibility when my family is in danger, period.

Enough is enough, we’re cutting our losses. Have you had this happen to you? What did you do about it? How did you solve the situation? Did you bring Police & Fire to inspect? Chime in below. While you’re at it, bring your respirator mask and tell me, with an honest face, that we are wrong. Sigh.

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