I live in Forest Grove, Oregon and work out of my downtown Portland office, when I’m not on the road or in the field. Our twin girls are ages 6, 6, and 8, respectively, and all fast becoming more fluent in Spanish everyday.

I’m reading a lot on finance, management, and strategy while listening to a lot of EDM and Ignacio Robles all while continuing to learn to program on my own. I maintain the ThinkMujer site built using Jekyll and contribute to Operation Code. I’m continuing to learn Ruby, React and better understand the Rails framework as time permits.

On the business front, the family business was awarded a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs federal contract where I’m self-performing and operating an CAT 316E excavator and moving thousands of cubic yards of dirt. I’ve also just graduated the Clark Construction Group Strategic Partnership Program Seattle first inaugural class and looking to expand into the commercial sector. I put up https://www.molinas.co/ and working on updating it.

My day-to-day consist of a nice blend of:

When not building the family business, or Operation Code, I’m hanging w/ the family.

This /now page was inspired by Derek Sivers and his /now project.

This update was July 13, 2017.