I live in Forest Grove, Oregon and work out of my downtown Portland office when I’m not on the road or in the field. Our daughters are ages 7, 7, and 9, respectively, and all fast becoming more fluent in Spanish everyday.

I’m spending a lot of time mechanizing the various businesses and startups in order to do more, faster, and more time building the campaign for a State House seat. As time permits I update this site and blog and continuing to work hard to carve out time to learn Ruby, Rails and React.

On the business front, I’m continuing to grow the family construction business, from business development to securing lines of credit, operating heavy equipment and strategic partnerships.

On the Operation Code front, I’m continuing to expand and strengthen our teams, build out our business and revenue models to ensure expansion of our programs & services to serve more veterans and military spouses.

When not building startups or hanging w/ my girls, I’m working to repair my credit, buy a home, and enjoy more of life.

This /now page was inspired by Derek Sivers and his /now project.

This update was December 30, 2017.